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If the person survives there is no obvious reason related to acute kidney failure (which is often reversible) that he should not be able to father children.

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Q: 35yrs Acute kidney failer has any chance to become a father?
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Why is kidney failer fatal?

you only have 2 and they help your blood become clean so you can move around and have fun fast

How ill did Catherine sneed become?

catherine became very ill with a life threatening kidney disease and had very little chance of recovery

Does John Lock donate a kidney in the TV show LOST?

Yes, John donates a kidney, to his father, at least to what he thought was his father, but soon after the surgery, he finds out that he's not his father.

If you have a kidney stone in one kidney will you get one in the other kidney?

A patient who has had a single kidney stone has about a 50% chance of developing another stone. Whether you will develop a second kidney stone in the opposite kidney, depends in part on the reason for the formation of the stones.

What did Aaliyah's father die from?

He died of kidney failure.

When you donate your kidney can you go home same day after surgery?

No not a chance.

Can a transplanted kidney work for many years?

Cadaver kidney transplants have a 50% chance of functioning nine years, and living donor kidneys that have two matching antigen pairs have a 50% chance of functioning for 24 years

What are the importance of fluid restrictions for patients with renal failer?

if the kidneys are over-loaded, they can't filter fast enough to empty the body of it's toxins. if fluids are restricted, the failing kidney is allowed more time to rid the body of those toxins.

Which thing can you beg from you mother father brother or sister but not from your wife?

a kidney

Can you donate a kidney to your father if you are b plus and he is o plus?

no you cannot he will die

How did Alfred Hitchcocks father die?

He died of chronic emphysema and kidney disease

Are kidney stones common?

The chance of contracting chronic kidney disease has increased over the past few years, particularly within the United States. The chance of contracting the disease drastically increases with age, and is a fairly common disease that requires immediate treatment.