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Wear multiple layers, gloves, and a wool beanie to stay warm.

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Q: . It's the middle of January and you decide you'd rather go outside to exercise than stay indoors. It's a cold clear day. What precautions should you take to exercise safely?
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How do you exercise without going outside?

You could use an exercise bike, rowing machine or treadmill indoors.

What are the benefits of using treadmills?

The main benefits of treadmills are that they allow you to run indoors and get aerobic exercise. They can also be used indoors when it may be raining, cold, or snowing outside.

What are some good indoor exercises?

You are making a smart decision by staying indoors when their is extreme heat. If you have a treadmill you can get the same amount of exercise as you would if you were running outside. You can also do jumping jacks and push up indoors and they are a great way for you to keep in shape.

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No you have to be outside.

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Most geraniums are grown from cuttings but you can buy geranium seeds. You have to start the seeds indoors in January to have them ready to put outside in spring.

Yes. Steel core can be used indoors. Copper core outside.?

Yes. Steel core can be used indoors. Copper core outside.

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Basketball can be played outside or in a gym.

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No it's indoors.

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it has been performed outside before. its just usually preformed indoors because of the stange and such

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