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Yes Egg shell is made from calcium and the hydrochloric acid that the stomach produces wil rapidly dissolve it.

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Q: Will the egg shell digest when eaten?
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Why is a shell not forming around a hen's egg?

You might need to supplement your chickens with oyster shell. I have one chicken I keep separate from the others I have to supplement because I give her treats. she needs the shell to help digest and to form the shell on egg.

What is an egg shell?

the shell of an egg

What is an egg that is surrouded by a shell?

This is an egg that can be in a shell and out of a shell.

Is an egg shell?

the shell of an egg

Is the shell of hens egg as brittle as the shell of duck or goose egg?

The shell of a hen's egg is typically thinner and more brittle compared to the shells of duck or goose eggs. Duck and goose eggs have thicker and harder shells to provide protection for the larger eggs they lay.

Can hard shell clam can be eaten?

can cherrystone clams be eaten on the half-shell

What do you call the shell of an egg in English?

egg shell

What is a leathery-shell?

A leathery shell is a shell that is flexible rather than solid like the shell of a bird egg. A snake's egg has a shell that is flexible, as does a turtle's egg.

How does a hen lay eggs with the egg shell together?

by lap dancing renzmtrovela: because the egg white and egg yolk is made before the egg shell it puts the egg shell around it

By boiling egg the shell will be damaged when insert object?

Yes, by boiling an egg, the shell will be damaged when an object is inserted into the shell or the egg.

Are young amphibians born with shell or no shell egg or no egg water or no water?

all amphibians are borm with a shell or in an egg or in water.

What is a leathery shell?

A leathery shell is a protective covering made of tough and flexible material, resembling leather. It is found on certain types of fruits, seeds, and animals such as turtles and tortoises. This type of shell provides protection and support to the organism.