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The synaptic knob contains vesicles filled with neurotransmitters. Therefore, Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter that stimulates skeletal muscle to contract. It is released into the synaptic clefts between motor neuron axons and motor end plates.

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Q: Is it the synaptic cleft that contains vesicles filled with acetylcholine?
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The a synaptic knob b motor end plate c neuromuscular junction d synaptic cleft e transverse tubule contains vesicles filled with acetylcholine?

c) neuromuscular junction, d) synaptic cleft.

What organelle stores things like neurotransmitters used in nerve cells?

The organelle that stores neurotransmitters used in nerve cells is called the synaptic vesicle. These vesicles hold neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and acetylcholine before they are released into the synapse to facilitate communication between nerve cells.

The transport mechanism for a neurotransmitter across the synaptic cleft is called?

The transport mechanism for a neurotransmitter across the synaptic cleft is called exocytosis. During exocytosis, neurotransmitter-filled vesicles fuse with the presynaptic membrane, releasing the neurotransmitter into the synaptic cleft where it can then bind to receptors on the postsynaptic membrane.

What are vesicles filled with?


Where is the point on axon that a signal can be transmitted?

Signals are transmitted along the axon at the axon terminals or synaptic boutons. These structures are located at the ends of axon branches and contain neurotransmitter-filled vesicles that are released into the synapse to communicate with neighboring cells.

Why is it that the electrical impulse cannot pass from neuron the muscle cell?

There is a space (synapsis) between the neuron and the muscle cell. The electrical impulse can not pass over that. Chemical neurotransmitters are manufactured by neurons in the soma, then stored in little bundles called synaptic vesicles and transferred to the synapses. The release of the neurotransmitter is required for a nerve to simulate the muscle. This is what crosses the space.

What is the function of synaptic knob of axon terminal?

The synaptic knob of the axon terminal is responsible for releasing neurotransmitters into the synaptic cleft to facilitate communication with the receiving neuron or effector cell. This release of neurotransmitters allows for the transmission of signals from one neuron to another, or from a neuron to an effector cell.

How do you use the word vesicles used in a sentence?

A vesicle is a small fluid-filled sac.

What organelle in the cell produces vesicles?

A vesicle is a fluid-filled cavity or an air-filled sac. The processes of budding and endocytosis produce vesicles. These processes involve the folding of the cell membrane over itself to make a pouch.

What separates axon terminals?

The synaptic cleft, a small gap filled with extracellular fluid, separates axon terminals from the postsynaptic membrane of the neighboring neuron. This separation allows for the release of neurotransmitters from the axon terminal to signal the next neuron.

What organelle in aquatic bacteria can be used to provide buoyancy?

Gas vesicles are organelles in aquatic bacteria that can be used to provide buoyancy. These vesicles regulate the cell's position in the water column by controlling the amount of gas inside them. When the gas vesicles are filled with gas, they help the bacteria float to higher levels in the water.

What organelle produces vesicles filled with protein?

The Golgi apparatus produces vesicles filled with proteins that are ready for transport outside of the cell. These vesicles are then released and transported to their target destinations within or outside the cell.