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well Shannen was been horrible on the set of charmed so Alyssa got fed up of her so she went to the shows bosses and said if Shannen wouldn't quit she would and Shannen found out about the meeting so either she quit or was fired :)

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โˆ™ 2012-08-26 20:12:50
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Q: Why were shannon and Alyssa from charmed argue?
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Why did Shannen Doherty leave Charmed?

Shannon was having allot of conflict with her then costar Alyssa Milano. She has said she did not like the story line but that has been confirmed that it was a lie. Shannon was fired 3 episodes before her death in the series and she had said she quit anyway and Alyssa stayed with Holly and then came Rose and Shannon has never been seen again on Charmed because of the constant arguments wit Alyssa Milano.

Who did Alyssa Milano play in Charmed?

Alyssa Milano played Phoebe Halliwell in Charmed.

Is Alyssa Milano the producer of charmed?

Yes, Alyssa Milano was one of Charmed's producers.

Which Charmed actresses have appeared in the nude?

All of them have had nude scenes in movies. Alyssa Millano and Shannon Doherty have had nude photo shoots

Alyssa Milino is on which show?


Who plays pheobe in charmed?

Alyssa Milano

What daytime soap did Alyssa Milano star in?


Why did Alyssa Milano quit charmed?

she never quit...

What episode of charmed season 3 does cole coedroomme backvin through the tv in phoebes bedroom?

Why Did Charmed In? Is It Coming Back? Does Alyssa,Holly,And Rose Keep In Touch Does Alyssa And Rose Have Kids/Married? Did Holly Really Marry Charmed Husband Leo? Why Did Julian/Cole Quite Charmed? I Want Alyssa Rose And Holly To Do Another Movie Together it does not have to be charmed i love charmed its awesome

Who are the three actresses on the TV show charmed?

there are actually four prue- shannon doherty piper- holly Marie combs phoebe- alyssa milano paige-rose mcgowan

Was Alyssa Milano the reason Shannon Doherty left charmed?

I believe so, but most everything we here now is hearsay! Only those that were there really know the true answer to that question.

Why did prue die in charmed?

The actress, Shannen Doherty was fired. Actually she got in a argument with Alyssa Milano about Alyssa fusing about her job so she left the Charmed set

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