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He is still working on loving himself and forgeting the fact he couldn't kill Harry, and he thinks that steeling random shampos will help with his traumatic past.

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he has a dandruff problem.

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He actually uses it to make his bald head shine and the way to get him to stop is walk into the basement where the water pipes are. Smack his underwear 15 times against them until a cosmic cat comes and rips off the water pipe. Mix mayo and ketchup then pour it in and tape it back together with coca cola. As voldemort steps into the shower leave a trail of girl scout cookies to the toilet. As he eats the toilet vote for obama. An earthquake will happen causing mayo and ketchup to dance in a sombrero for 15 minutes. While hes distracted have hilter steal his Nutella. Voldemort will notice and chase after him. When voldemort comes back out of breath, get the vacuum and chase him out of your parents basement forever. Voldemort will move to Mexico to steal other peoples shampoo.

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Btw if Obama doesn’t work vote for Trump, this is scientifically proven to work
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Finally, I have answer :\Β 

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Q: Why does voldemort steal my shampoo?
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Who is wand did Voldemort steal?


Why does Voldemort steal Nutella?

Voldemort never stole Nutella during the series.

Why does Lord Voldemort steal your cookies?

Lord Voldemort has never stolen anybodies cookies in the Harry Potter series.

How Fast Can Voldemort move?

Faster than severus snape confronted with shampoo

Who is Lord Voldemort attached to in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone?

Professor Quirrell was sharing a body with Lord Voldemort.

What teacher wanted to steal the Philosopher's Stone in Harry Potter?

Professor Quirrell who was stealing it for Lord Voldemort.

Who did Harry Potter think was trying to steal the Philosopher's Stone?

Harry thought that Professor Severus Snape was trying to steal the stone for Lord Voldemort. It was actually Professor Quirrell.

Why is quirrell in the next chamber?

Quirrell is trying to steal the Sorcerer's Stone for Voldemort (who is on the back of his head, under his turbin)

How did Smith die in Harry Potter?

He died by poison, by Tom Riddle,or, Lord Voldemort. He was killed so Tom or Lord Voldemort could steal the slythrine locket. "He" was an old woman, actually.

Who killed the unicorns in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone?

Lord Voldemort who was sharing Professor Quirrell's body. Voldemort then drank the unicorns blood to keep himself alive until he could steal the philosopher's stone.

Was Professor Quirrell the first follower of Lord Voldemort?

No. Voldemort gained his first followers at Hogwarts. Although it is unknown what year Professor Quirrell was born in, he certainly wasn't old enough to be have been at school with Voldemort. Quirrell met and joined Voldemort in 1990 during a year long sabbatical.

Who wanted the philosopher's stone in Harry Potter?

Lord Voldemort wanted to steal the philosopher's stone so he could return to power. He was sharing his body with Professor Quirrell who was attempting to help him steal the stone.