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From my understanding Glenn originally left The Temptations to move into gospel arena and speak about his life after reconnecting with his spiritual self.

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Q: Why did glenn Leonard leave temptations?
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Why did Glenn leave The Temptations?

He wanted to go a different way.

What is the birth name of Glenn Leonard?

Glenn Leonard's birth name is Glenn Carl Leonard.

When was Glenn Leonard born?

Glenn Leonard was born on June 11, 1947, in Washington, District of Columbia, USA.

What is the birth name of Vencie Glenn?

Vencie Glenn's birth name is Vencie Leonard Glenn.

Who sang the original Silent Night by the temptations?

Glen Clark Leonard

Why did David ruffin leave the temptations?

He didn't leave... He was fired

Is Leonard nimoy in sucker punch?

Looks like it, but no. Its actually Scott Glenn, who looks like a clone of Leonard Nimoy.

When did temptations recorded silent night?

Silent Night was recorded and released in 1995, with Melvin Franklin, Dennis Edwards and Glen Leonard as lead singers.

Who is the dancer named Wynne?

The Wynne dancer was Darcel Wynne. She is Glenn Leonard's wife. Leonard is a former Temptation. they are now bothe Ministers of the gospel.

Why did g c Cameron leave temptations?

G. C. Cameron parted with the Temptations in order to concentrate on his own musical group. This happened in 2007.

Can leon Robinson the actor that plays david ruffin in the temptations movie sing?

In the movie, The Temptations, David Ruffin (played by Leon) is invited on stage by his brother to sing "Shout" with The Temptations. Leon is not actually singing but is lip syching to the voice of a talented saxophonist/singer by the name of Leonard Julien III. You can read more of Leonard Julien III at Hope this was helpful.

When was The Temptations Do The Temptations created?

The Temptations Do The Temptations was created on 1976-08-16.