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red hulk would win. 1. He is strong enough to lift more than 100 tons. 2. He is indestructible and invulnerable while wendigo is almost indestructible. 3. He can absorb gamma and cosmic energy. 4. He is extremely good at hand to hand combat. 4. He is an immovable object. 5. He is much stronger than wendigo. 6. He easily beated wendigo and he easily killed him by cutting his head off. So red hulk would beat wendigo any day.

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Q: Who would win wendigo or red hulk?
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Who would win wendigo or the thing?

wendigo would win because it is almost indestructible and can battle hulk better than the thing can. and its claws can pierce the thing and it is stronger than thing. and the only way a wendigo can die is if its head is cut off.

Who would win a bomb or red hulk?

red hulk beated a bomb real badly so red hulk.

Who would win in a fight hulk or red hulk?

There are many different types of hulk but if you are saying that red hulk vs increadible hulk I think incredible hulk would win because he gets stronger red hulk stays at where he left off although red hulk won some times in the comic book none beats the original

Who would win red hulk or green hulk?

Green Hulk SMASH. The red's weakness is overheating too much. and the green hulk draws on that. and lets him overheat and beats the red hulk. and the green hulk can defeat him when red hulk's overcharged.

Who would win in a fight Red Hulk or juggernaut?

The Juggernaut.

Who would jugernot be able to beat in the hulk family counting the thing red hulk and she hulk grey hulk green hulk and obomination also abomb aka blue hulk then out of them all who would win?


Who would win Hulk vs bear?

Hulk would win.

Who would win hulk or iceman?

Who would win iceman or hulk

Who would win red hulk or rhino?

the green hulk is definitly stronger but the Grey hulk is smarter and faster but still the green hulk would win.

Who would win Hulk or Knuckles?

if your talking about knuckles the echidna then i would say knuckles :) Can you use logic? The Hulk is 50 times the size of a stupid red animal. All the Hulk has to do is to use his Hulk Smash!

Who would win out of Hancock and hulk?


Who would win hulk vs thing?

the Hulk no contest the hulk would win and walk away without a scratch