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the main characters in the boondocks...

huey freeman, hes 10 and the most wise ( the most smart) in the shows

(note: people dont really listen to him. only times of trouble)

riley freeman, hueys 8 year old brother who dreams of being a gangsta

grandpa "robert" freeman, huey and rileys grandpa whos searching for a woman

other charachters

jazzmine dubious

tom dibious

and his wife

uncle rucus

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huey freeman riley freeman Robert jepidiua freeman tom dubia stinkmeaner unkle ruckus no relation jasmine dubia buch magnus ed

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The voice of Huey(And Riley) is voiced by Regina King and Robert is done by John Witherspoon .

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Asheru does the theme music . Rappers/musicians Mos Def , Snoop Dog , Busta Rhymes , Cee-Lo Green and Xzibit have all made appearances on 'The Boondocks'.

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Q: Who is the main character of the boondocks?
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Sarah Dubois

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No he doesn't but he looks like Huey

Is Regina King a writer on The Boondocks?

No. She does not appear to be credited as a writer for the series. She simply provided character voices.

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