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The actor Beau Bridges is Jeff Bridges' brother.

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2013-11-02 20:10:22
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Q: Who is an actor who is the brother of Jeff bridges?
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How old is Jeff Bridges?

Jeff Bridges is 68 years old (birthdate: December 4, 1949).He is the son of actor Lloyd Bridges and the brother of Beau Bridges.

Who was actor Jeff Bridges parents?

Jeff Bridges' parents are Lloyd Bridges and Dorothy Bridges.

Jeff Bridges is famous for which acting roles?

Jeff Bridges is an accomplished actor from a well-known acting family. He began his career as a child star in the show 'Sea Hunt' with his father Lloyd Bridges, and his brother Beau Bridges.

Who is related to Jeff Bridges?

Some of the people relate to Jeff Bridges are Lloyd Bridges (father), Dorothy Bridges (mother), Beau Bridges (brother), Jordan Bridges (nephew), Garrett Bridges (brother), and Lucinda Bridges (sister).

Is Jordan Bridges related to Jeff Bridges?

Actor Jordan Bridges is the nephew of the 2009 Academy Award winner for Best Actor. Jordan's father is actor Beau Bridges.

Fabulous Baker Boys stars Jeff and Beau Bridges are sons of actor Jordan Bridges?

False - Jordan Bridges, is the son of Beau Bridges, and the nephew of Jeff Bridges.

Who is Jeff Bridges?

the son of Lloyd Bridges, the brother of Beau Bridges > >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Jeff Bridges is an American actor and musician. He came from a family of actors: his mom is Dorothy Bridges and his dad, Lloyd bridges is a famous actor in the 1950s and 1960s. He has an older brother, Beau Bridges, who is also an actor. Jeff has starred in over 60 films such as "Halls of Anger, The Last Picture Show, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, King Kong, Cutter's Way, Tron, Tucker: The Man and His Dream, The Fabulous baker Boys. The Big Lebowski, The Door in the Floor, Iron Man, Tron: Legacy, Crazy Heart and True Grit. Since he started his showbiz career, Jeff has been nominated for 6 Academy Awards, winning a Best Actor nod for his role as Bad Blake in the 2009 film Crazy Heart.

Who is the male actor in the movie Tron?

Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn .

What actor plays Greg Larkin in the Mirror Has Two Faces?

Jeff bridges

Why does Jeff Bridges talk funny?

He's turning into his brother Beau

Who is the main actor in TRON Legacy?

Academy award winning Jeff Bridges (who plays Kevin Flynn/Clu) is the most noticeable actor in Tron Legacy, however it is Bridges screen son Garett Hedlund (Sam Flynn) who has far more screen time than Bridges making him seem the main actor alongside Jeff Bridges.

Who won the Oscar for Best Actor in 2009?

The Academy Award for Best Actor of 2009 went to Jeff Bridges for Crazy Heart.

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