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No one is dating James Maslow he's single right now Kah Peesh or whatever.

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James Maslow is currently dating Halston Sage. She plays Grace on How to Rock.

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Q: Who is James maslow dating?
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Are gauge golightly and James Maslow dating?

Yes they are dating

Is Erin sanders dating James Maslow?

Nope, James is dating Halston Sage.

Who is halston sage dating?

James Maslow.

Are gauge golighty and James Maslow dating?


Are gauge and James Maslow dating?

Nope they can't be

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Who is James Maslow dating 2010?

I think he is dating the model halston sage!!

Who the dating of Debby Ryan?

she is dating James maslow from big time rush.

Who is James Maslows girlfriend?

James Maslow isn't dating anyone.

Does Victoria Justice like James Maslow off of bigTimeRush?

There is no official news of James Maslow and Victoria Justice dating but there are rumors that they are.

Who is Nina tourigny dating?

James Maslow from Big Time Rush