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Q: Who has appeared in the most films Morgan Freeman or Samuel L. Jackson?
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How are Samuel L. Jackson and Morgan freeman related?

They're not related

Was Morgan freeman in the movie changing lanes?

No. It starred Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson.

What movie has both Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones in it?

As of February 2014, Tommy Lee Jones and Morgan Freeman have not starred in a movie together. Tommy Lee Jones has appeared in a few movies with Samuel L. Jackson.

Are Samuel L. Jackson and Morgan Freeman the highest paid black actors?

nope will smith and denzel

Is Morgan Freeman in jumper and if not who is that colored guy that is the leader of the organization that hunts down jumpers?

it is Samuel l Jackson

Who are the top twenty paid black male actors?

Here are the top 10 that I found: Will Smith Denzel Washington Forest Whitaker Samuel Jackson Laurence Fishburne Don Cheadle Morgan Freeman Wesley Snipes Cuba Gooding Morgan Freeman

What is Samuel Freeman Miller's birthday?

Samuel Freeman Miller was born on April 5, 1816.

When was Samuel Freeman Miller born?

Samuel Freeman Miller was born on April 5, 1816.

What has the author Warren Samuel Freeman written?

Warren Samuel Freeman has written: 'Great composers'

When was Samuel Morgan born?

Samuel Morgan was born in 1798.

When did Samuel Morgan die?

Samuel Morgan died in 1880.

When did Samuel Freeman Miller die?

Samuel Freeman Miller died on October 13, 1890 at the age of 74.