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1st go to yellow town in your house then talk to your mother and it will give you cd-player then watch it its a bold then ur mom will sex you its good

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Q: Where do you get the vs seeker in Pokemon light platinum?
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Do you even get a vs seeker in Pokemon Platinum?


How do you get to always battle the same Pokemon on Pokemon platinum?

Vs seeker

Where is the vs seeker found in pokemon diamond?

You may need to find the vs. seeker in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. You can get this item on route 207.

Can you use VS Seeker on a gym leader in Pokemon platinum?

no you can't

Is there a glitch Pokemon you can get in Pokemon Platinum?

yes, you can use the VS seeker to get infinite money and exp, just keep using the vs seeker and battling people for infinite money and exp too!

Where to Get VS Seeker in Pokemon Crystal?

There is np VS. Seeker in Pokemon Crystal.

Can you get a vs seeker in Pokemon White?

No, there is no VS Seeker in Pokemon Black and White.

Dawn gave me a vs recorder in Pokemon Platinum is there any other way to get the vs seeker?

Give her a giant purple ditto

In Pokemon platinum what is the easiest way to make money?

you should fight the rich people and use the vs seeker on them over and over note: vs seeker needs to be charged by walking

Where is the vs seeker in Pokemon Yellow version i need it badly?

there is no vs. seeker in the originals there is no vs. seeker in the originals

How do you get the dowsing app if you got the vs seeker first in Pokemon platinum?

dawn will also give you the dowsing machine

Experience point for Pokemon Platinum?

you can use the vs seeker and battle to get more experience points or you can go to Pokemon center and battle the reporters