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You can find it in the Pinwheel Forest Hidden Grotto.
Other places/ways to get it are: Dream World Rugged Mountain, trading, migrating.

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Bagon didn't exist in Pokemon Gold, so you can't catch one there. It wasn't created until Ruby and Sapphire, the next games in the main Pokemon series.

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whats shiny gold

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in the swamp area in the safari zone

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Q: Where do you catch a bagon on Pokemon shiny gold?
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Were do you catch a spinarak on Pokemon shiny gold x?

you can catch spinarak in route 30

How do you get a gold Magikarp in Pokemon Gold?

Literally anywhere you see water. Use a fishing rod to catch one. There all over the place! XD -Chii

What is the Pokemon behind your house Pokemon shiny gold?

It's a pikachu, i don't know if you can catch it, haven't found a way myself

How do you catch a shiny Pokemon in heart gold?

im not sure but i think u can by attaking the same Pokemon over and over again

Shiny Pokemon in sapphire?

Randomly you can see a shiny Pokemon shiny Pokemon basically are Pokemon with a different color than normal for example: Take a magikarp we all know its red but its shiny color is gold. You have a 1/8000 chances to see one if you do see one definetely catch it.

How do you catch heatran in Pokemon shiny gold?

It doesn't exist in Pokemon Pearl as it was introduced in fifth gen

How can use Pokemon shiny gold cheats?

fire red cheats do not work on Pokemon shiny gold

When will Pokemon shiny gold come out for th ds?

Pokemon shiny gold can be only be played on the computer

How do you get bagon in Pokemon Heart Gold?

only in safari area :D

Where do you catch Salamance in Pokemon Emerald?

You cant obtain him in the game. Either you can trade a bagon or shelgon from another game and evolve it in heart gold. I dont know what level it evolves at but someone else should be able to tell you what level it evolves at.

How do you catch zaodos in shiny gold?

Well, if you mean Heartgold then you can only get it from trading from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum games ( : ^ (

How you get shiny Pokemon?

it is Almost imposible to get shiny Pokemon without cheating. When you walk in grass patch or a place where you can find Pokemon you have like a 1 out of 1,000,000,000 chance to find a shiny Pokemon. I think also, in Pokemon gold, silver, and crystal you catch a gyarados that has been turned red by team rocket.