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Try Numrich Gun Parts. They are on the internet.

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Q: Where can you find clips for a Marlin Ranger Model 36 in 22 caliber?
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What clips are interchangeable with the ranger mod 36 .22?

The Ranger model 36 is the same as the Marlin model 80. Go to and type in "Marlin 80 magazine" in the search window. The cheapest one I could find was going for $18 plus postage.

What clips fit model 9 marlin camp carbine?

Smith and Wesson model 59 clips

Marlin rifle model 40 where can you get clips for it?

Try and

Where to buy marlin glenfield model 25 clip?

They don't have clips. They have magazines. You can order them through Numrich.

Where can i find a Model 55 marlin clips?

Will newer marlin 7-shot clips fit the discontinued marlin model 25 22?

No. The Model 25N (along with the 25NC, and 25MNC) use a newer clip design that is released by depressing a lever on the gun. This same design is used in the current Model 925's. However the original Model 25 clips are released by depressing a lever on the clip itself.

Where can you find a clip for a Ithaca 22 caliber rifle model x15?

Try Email me, I have an 8 and a 16 rnd clips

Will the 795 marlin fire without a clip?

The Marlin Model 795 rifle does not utilize clips, but has a 10-round detachable box magazine. The rifle itself has a magazine disconnect, and thus will not fire unless a magazine is inserted.

Where can you find magazine clips for a 22 caliber Savage Model 234 bolt action rifle? if you sell model 234 please call 404-787-7830

What ammo clips are compatible with the 380 caliber Cobra?


What is the difference between the clip for a Higgins model 105 revelation 22 and a Higgins model 103. Are these two clips interchangable with each other?

The JC Higgins model 103 (and there were a lot of different model 103's like the 103.19791, 103.19801, 103.19810, etc, etc) were all different models of Marlin. The Western Auto Revelations were their model 105-2060 which was also a Marlin model 80. To answer your question - maybe. Try it out.

Are there any clips available for a sovereign 22 caliber long rifle?


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