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There may not be a nation wide but they do sometimes hold castings in hotels at major cities. The easiest way would be to get an agent and get them to send you auditions.
Go to the Related Link below to find more information.

Yes, this is a good place to look, but it might not be all true information.

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it will be when all the shows like Hannah Montana and wizards of Waverly place end they will need new shows and new people so lets hope that's soon

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Q: When is the next Disney channel nationwide casting search?
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When is the next Disney channel nation wide talent search on Long Island?

There is none in long island. I mean who has even ever heard of that? Long Island?

How do you get on Disney channel?

There are many ways to start a career on Disney Channel:☻Send in an Audition tape☻Go to this website:☻Watch out for Talent Scouts in your neighborhood and if you do something that impresses them they might book you☻Hire an agent that can keep track of auditions that's going on.Best of luck!You can look up auditions and call the studio.

What is Dan Povenmirs email address?

Well I don't know but why would want to know just google search it or just send your regular address to Disney Channel and your message addressed to him

Search Mackenzie falls It keeps telling me that t will steal my computers identity It was introduced by Disney channel and that channel is very trusted I tried all different links Is Disney bad?

Disney is good you have to update your computer or something so it will work its kinda like icarly on my computer!your computer might be bad or something though!You also might have a different kind of internet explorer than it takes!I think you need 8 or 9 or

Where is the Disney channel auditions in Wilmington NC?

As far as I know there are no Disney channel auditions in Raleigh, NC. I'm also from NC and I am always on the lookout for new auditions. Your best bet is to search for Disney channel auditions and click on the first link. This will tell you auditions that are taking place and they will ask you to send them a head shot, resume, and cover letter. I've done this several times.

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Is a scam?

I think it might be a scam, but I'm not sure of it. Just search the internet for audition dates for Disney Channel.

How did Selena Gomez audition for wizard of Waverly place?

She auditioned at a nation wide casting call in Austin, TX. They liked her and kept her around and she did 2 pilots that year

Who discovered Ross Lynch?

Ross lynch was discovered through a disney talent search, which is basicly held every year. the producers of disney channel basicly have a nation wide search to find a new star for disney channel. and ross attended and he was discovered.

How do you be come a Disney channel actress?

You search 'Disney channel auditions' on Google and see what show/movie is best fit for you. After that , you see the details about the auditions on the site and you go and audition. If you get accepted then your gonna be on Disney channel and you'll be an actress/ actor! good luck!

When is the next Disney channel nation wide talent search in Dallas TX?

in 2013

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You can... but it's illegal. It is not advised that you do it.

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You can get it on the radio Disney website or on itunes type in the search bar radio Disney now and then you will get radio Disney hope this helps:) Gabriellexx oh copy and paste the link

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You can either watch it on Disney Channel or just search it up on Youtube

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disney channel. search for it and dvr

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