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I'm going based off the movies were he is seen laying on his side with now gone ear facing up. He is laying on his right side down implying that he lost his left ear.

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Q: What side of george weasley ear did he lose?
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How did george weasley lose an ear?

snape shot sectumsempra at a death eater and it hit george instead.

Did George Weasley survive?

Yes, although he lost an ear. His twin brother Fred Weasley died.

Did Fred Weasley loose an ear?

In the beginning of the the 7th book, while the order was trying to transfer Harry from the Dudley's house to a safe location, they were met by a good number of Death Eaters, along with Voldemort. George, who looked liked Harry thanks to Polyjuice potion, had his ear cursed off by a stray spell cast by Snape. He used "Sectumsempra!" - a slashing curse {Which he invented} in The Battle of the Seven Potters. His intended target was a Deatheater's Arm.

What twin was hurt in deathly hollows?

George Weasley gets his ear cursed off and Fred Weasley dies :'(

Why did George Weasley die?

George did not die. He did lose an ear towards the beginning of the book. Fred was the one who was killed during the battle at Hogwarts. In a webchat J.K. Rowling revealed that George went on to run Weasley's Wizard Wheezes with Ron. On her website you can also find that he also marries Angelina and they have two children, Fred and Roxanne.

Which Weasley twin had hurt ear?

George Weasley was the twin that lost his ear to Snape's curse ("Sectumsempra!"). However, it is later revealed that the injury was an accident, and that Snape had been aiming for another Death Eater and unintentionally hit George instead.

Did Arthur Weasley die in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

No, but Fred Weasley dies.

Which twin loses his ear in Harry Potter?

Yeah! George Weasley loses a ear cause Severus Snape Cursed it of.

Which Weasely gets ear cut off in Harry Potter?

George Weasley

Does George Weasley die in HP 7?

No he does not, but he looses his ear from Severus Snape cursing it off. **SPOILER** George Weasley doesn't die, but his twin brother, Fred Weasley, dies from an explosion during the battle of Hogwarts.

How does George Weasley get his ear blown off in Harry Potter 7?

Severus Snape casts 'Sectumsempra' at a deatheaters wand hand, but misses and hits George's ear.

What happens to George Weasley after nineteen years?

He Joined the Dark Side. In the fifth book, it is claimed that he was missing. Ron told harry that whenever his mom heard the name, she droped whatever she was holding.