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Sandra Bullock Speaks English and German.

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Q: What languages does Sandra Bullock speak?
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What languages does Sandra Bullock?

Sandra Bullock Speaks English and German.

Is Sandra Bullock single?

No, Sandra Bullock is not single.

What is Sandra Bullock's occupation?

Sandra Bullock is a/an Actress,producer

What is Sandra Bullock's whole name?

Sandra Annette Bullock

How many children does Sandra Bullock have?

Sandra Bullock has 2 children

When is Sandra Bullock's birthday?

Sandra Bullock was born on July 26, 1964

What is Sandra Bullock's birth name?

Sandra Annette Bullock is her birth name.

Is Sandra bullock transsexual?

Sandra Bullock was born a biological female, and still is.

What does Sandra Bullock not like?

Sandra bullock doesn't like olives she totally hates them

What famous people went to ecu?

Vince McMahon Sandra Bullock

Where was Sandra Bullock born?

Arlington County, Virginia.

Was Sandra bullock maerried to Jessie James?

Yes, Sandra Bullock was married to Jesse James.