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The difference between sunscreen for adults and children is generally the chemical composition. A child's sunscreen will be milder for the skin and will not burn the eyes.

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Q: What is the difference between adults and kids sunscreen?
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What is the difference between childrens sunscreen, and regular sunscreen?

Yes, you should only use sunscreen that is made just for kids. Kids sunscreen is free from chemicals that can harm their skin and burn their eyes.

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Is there a difference in kids sunscreen and normal sunscreen?

Adults with sensitive skin should pick up baby sunscreen. Formulated with titanium or zinc oxide, this gentle lotion or cream protects the skin without causing irritation. You can find more info on sunscreen in this article:

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The best sunscreen is either the No-Ad or the Nivea Sun Kids.

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What is the difference between childrens sunscreen, and regular sunscreen?

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