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The differences between Black and Black 2 is a new form for Keldeo.

Additionally there are new characters such as the Playing Characters, your Rival, a new Co-Leader in Team Plasma that takes N's position as well as new Gym Leaders.

Cheren and Bianca, the Rivals from Black are still there in Black 2 however Bianca now acts as Juniper's assistant due to Juniper's Lab being in Nuvema Town which is in the Southeastern part of the region and you will be starting in Aspertia City which is in the Southwestern part of the region. Cheren is the Gym Leader of Aspertia City.

There are also new areas and buildings such as a new location to gain access to catching Regirock and Registeel as well the PokéStar Studios and the Pokémon World Tournament building. There is also a new location that allows you to catch Dream World Pokémon as well as a new sewer location for Castelia City.

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Gothita and iits evolutions in black

solosis and its evolutions in white

reshiram in black

zekrom in white

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If you want power, pick Tepig. If you want to be defensive, Osshawott. If you want to be fast, Snivy

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The main differences are what pokemon you can capture in each version as each game have exclusive pokemon.

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Q: What is the difference between Pokemon Black and Pokemon Black 2?
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