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its the 26th

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โˆ™ 2012-01-14 20:52:19
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Q: What is the code of the game Scoobydoo Escape From Coolsonian?
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What is the lock in escape from the coolsonian?

In order to get the elevator key,enter in this date,''03/26/whatever date the game shows." After that,you will get the key and be able to advance on to the next exihibit. Good Luck!!!!

What is the exit code for murder escape?

the code is zzx112 to the murder escape game

What is the password for scoody doo monsters unleashed the pc game?


What is code for killer escape on game shed?

620 or 1572

What is the code on the locked coffin in the return to Halloween escape game?


What is the last five digit code in the game escape the den?


MRD escape lvl 9 code x-men the game?

244 + the number of Robots. 2449

How to put vice city codes?

you just directly type the cheat.Type the code while running the game.Or you can escape and then type code at menu and then resume game.

What will happen if you were not there for a code red in Jurassic Park Builder Game?

Your Dinosaurs would escape Wrong. The Code Red mini-game must be manually activated. Nothing will happen if it's left unattended for any period of time. Though, if you were to activate it and then do nothing, yes, your dinosaurs would escape.

How do you escape from the game haunted house escape?

Specify by the type of game please

What is the level code for the toybox escape game on neopets?

There are lots of level codes in the game. Just play through the levels and you'll eventually find a couple of them.

What game is after escape the cursed island?

the next game is called "Escape the Crashing Plane".

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