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The largest drop on Expedition Everest is 80 feet.

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The major drop on Expedition Everest is 80-feet

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Q: What is the biggest drop on Disney's expedition Everest?
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What is the biggest hill drop at Disney?

It is the giant drop on the ride Expedition Everest. The drop is 80 feet tall and takes your picture. Expedition Everest is my favorite ride at Animal Kingdom!

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How big is the drop on expedition Everest at Disney?

There are 5 drops in Splash Mountain. There are 3 lifts that raise the log up to higher levels during the ride, using friction on rubber-like conveyor belts to lift the logs. Then there is one short drop down "Slippin' Falls". Then later on the logs begin climbing up the final and longest lift hill, passing beneath 2 vultures that taunt guests and tell of foreboding danger. Shortly before the attraction's climactic drop, Br'er Rabbit is seen alongside the hill, about to be eaten by Br'er Fox. But Br'er Rabbit outsmarts Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear by tricking them into throwing him into the briar patch. Riders are sent down the final drop into the briar patch, mimicking his fall.

Could you slip off the top of Mount Everest?

It depends. If you jumped off a sheer drop on Mount Everest you would die. But if you fell off a small drop onto a ledge then maybe not. Can you be more exact? usually you do if you dropped a mile or more, but 90% chance your pretty high and die