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You may be thinking of the Capybara??? It kind of looks like a mouse and is the largest living rodent... Maybe a rat?

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the capibara

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Q: What is a rodent that looks like a big mouse?
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Which animal looks like a big mouse?

A capybara, the world's largest rodent, resembles a big mouse with a stockier body and webbed feet. They are native to South America and are known for their sociable nature and semi-aquatic lifestyle.

What s' a ferret?

A ferret is a mammal it looks like a little like a big long mouse.

What are the size of a rodent?

This question is badly phrased. Do you mean how big can rodents grow? Rodents range in size from the field mouse to the capybara.

What Romans called little mice on a body?

In medical Latin little mice on the body meant muscles. The origin of the word muscle is the Latin word musculus (plural musculi) which meant little mouse/rodent: mus + the diminutive culus. The word mus referred to rodents in general; it could mean rat or even larger rodents, such as a marmot. Mice and rats were distinguished by "little" and "big": Mus Minimus, "little" mouse Mus Maximus, "big" mouse/rat.Anatomist and doctors came up with the name musculus because to them the muscles looked like the belly of a mouse/rodent.Mus could also be used as a nickname for small people because a mouse/rodent is small.

What rodent has big bottom teeth?

No rodent has teeth in its bottom.

What are the 6 common types of Penis?

There are 6 types of penises. They are from smallest to largest: The innie. It looks like a belly button. The mouse head. It looks like a little pink mouse coming out of its hole. The snail. It is a human version of this funny little creature The semi slug. It is like a fat leopard slug. The Donny. It is pretty big and perfectly shaped. The Negro. Just a big fat black man meat. Hope This Helps

Does the chimera look like the horse?

A chimera typically has the body and head of a lion, a goat's head on its back, and a serpent's tail. It does not resemble a horse.

What do yeti look like?

A yeti looks like a big beast that is all white and hairy it looks like big foot

What does Big Dipper look like?

The big dipper looks like a big spoon in the sky

Do buffalos live in forests?

No because a camel is not a horse, but a rodent, and a rodent is a big elephant

What does a kangroo looks like?

has big ears and a big nose

Is a marmot a mammal?

Marmots are members of the genus marmota, in the rodent family sciuridae (squirrels).