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Chuck Norris has no weaknesses.

Weaknesses have Chuck Norris.

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Q: What is Chuck Norris's weakness?
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How can you kill chuck norriss?

you can't

Is jack mankee chuck norriss son?

Yesss He Is!

Who is chuck norriss dad?

Ray NorrisChuck Norris, Father

Who is Clarence Norris?

the wfe of chuck norriss, maybe she is his lapdog?

How do you end of world?

when chuck norriss turns 42, the world will most certainly END!

How do crabs eat bat dropping?

by slaping there freinds with pictures of chuck norriss's mustache

Did chuck norriss do the fasted kick once 60 mph?

i think chuck norris did the first fasted kick at 60 mile per hour

What is Chuck Norris' only weakness?

Chuck Norris does not have a weakness, but he does have a dark side and if you see it, it will be the last thing that you see!

What nicknames does Jonathon Norriss go by?

Jonathon Norriss goes by JJ.

What is chuck norriss IQ level?

There is no reliable source that confirms Chuck Norris's IQ level. IQ tests can also be subjective and not necessarily reflect someone's true intelligence or capabilities. It's best not to rely on or sensationalize such information.

Did you know Chuck Norris' only weakness is Chuck Norris himself too bad there's only 1 Chuck Norris?

that is true-wait a second! chuck Norris isn't true but true is chuck Norris

Who wrote the book 27Aquila27?

Aquila was written by Andrew Norriss.