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Nothing is known about what happened to Carol Anne Chaplin. It's very possible that Carol Anne would like for it to remain that way.

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Q: What happened to Carol Anne Chaplin daughter of Charlie Chaplin?
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Charlie Chaplin's Marriages and Children Charlie Chaplin was married four times and had 11 children between 1919 and 1962. This is a list of the marriages, children and brief information of interest. Chaplin's First Wife: Mildred Harris They were married October 23, 1918. The couple had one son Norman Spencer Chaplin born July 7th, 1919. The baby died three days later. The couple divorced April 4, 1921. Chaplin's Second Wife: Lita Grey They were married November 26, 1924. They had two sons: Charles Spencer Chaplin, Jr. - born May 5, 1925, and Sydney Earle Chaplin - born March 30th, 1926. The couple divorced on August 25, 1927. Charlie's Jr. played in 'Limelight' as one of the clowns with his father. In 1960, he wrote the book about his father titled 'My Father, Charlie Chaplin'. Charlie Jr. died on March 20, 1968. Sydney played with his father in 'Limelight' in the role as Neville. He still attends Chaplin events held for his father and can be seen in film interviews about Charlie. Chaplin's Third Wife - Paulette Goddard Chaplin and Goddard were married on a trip while traveling near Japan and China in 1936, but the legal papers were ever made public during the time of their marriage. They made two films together 'Modern Times and 'The Great Dictator'. Paulette became a beloved step-mother to Charlie Jr. and Sydney. The couple divorced in June of 1942. It was at this time the marriage was said to have taken place in The Orient six years earlier. Chaplin's Fourth Wife - Oona O'Neill They were married June 16, 1943. They had 8 children. (Oona 1942) Chaplin's Children - Charlie and Oona's Family Geraldine Leigh Chaplin, born August 1, 1944 Geraldine was an actress known for many roles, but first recognized for her work in 'Dr. Zhivago'. She also played her own grandmother in the 1992 Richard Attenborough film of 'Chaplin'. Her first film appearance was in 'Limelight' with brother Michael and sister Josephine at the beginning of the film. Michael John Chaplin, born March 7, 1946 Appeared in 'Limelight' with his sisters in the beginning and played the boy 'Rupert Macabee' in 'King of New York'. Josephine Hannah Chaplin, born March 28, 1949 Victoria Chaplin, born May 19, 1951 Eugene Anthony Chaplin, born August 23, 1953 Jane Cecil Chaplin, born May 23, 1957 Annette Emily Chaplin, born December 3, 1959 Christopher James Chaplin, born July 8, 1962

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