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The Moonlight Knight is an astral projection of Prince Darian, the part of him that has feelings for Serena and an instinct to protect her. The Moonlight Knight was separated from Darian by the Silver Crystal, resulting in Darian's amnesia.

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I am not sure the exact episode but it is in the Doom Tree series because I remember watching it..

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Q: What episode does sailor moon find out who moonlight knight is?
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What episode of the sailor moon anime does ami find out she is sailor Mercury?

episode 5

In which episode of Sailor Moon series did Haruka and Michiru discovered that Usagi was Sailor Moon?

They find out in episode 109 of Sailor Moon S

What episode does Sailor Moon save darien?

He regains his memorys of his past life in the first season when the silver crystal shows up (hense the reason he was looking for the silver crystal), but then he looses all memory again.. so a part of him (the Moonlight knight, the part of him who carries his memories) goes around saving Sailor Moon.. but then when Tuxedo Mask realizes how much Sailor Moon loves him he regains his lost memories and the Moonlight knight returns to his body.

What episode does sailor Uranus findout serina's Sailor Moon?

Sailor Moon Episode 109 - No Turning Back Serena finds out that Amara is Sailor Uranus and that Michelle is Sailor Neptune.Amara and Michelle also find out that Serena is Sailor Moon

What episode does the starlight's find out Serena is sailor moon?

ep 30

What episode do you find out who the blue knight is in Tokyo mew mew?

Episode 44

When do the sailor soldiers find out the real identities of sailor starlights?

The Sailor Starlights and the Sailor Soldiers reveal their identities to each other in episode 188 Season 5 :)

What episode does Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask find out Rani is there child in the future?

episode 76 in the English version.

What happens in the final episode of Vampire Knight?

Find out for yourself. =)

Where can you find Sailor moon episode 32 without using Veoh or MySpace?


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They find her in the last episode of Sailor Moon S, but when her and Sailor Moon fight off Pharoah 90 she is reborn as a child. In Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, she begins to grow, and eventually is a teenager in a few hours. She helps the Sailor Scouts from there on.

What episode does the mew mew's find out that mark is blue knight mew mew power?

In Episode 45 "The Riddle Dissolves! The Truth about the Blue Knight" of Tokyo Mew Mew.