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I'm pretty sure Wednesday is a pekingese

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Q: What dog does Bridget from girls next door have?
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The cast of Dog Mask - 2011 includes: Graeme Black as Dog Star Man Mike Djordjevic as Sammy Chantelle Han as Bridget Blaise Kolodychuk as Norman Gary Renshaw as Tall Man

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No, it is a common misconception that the dog is licking Will Smith's face, when in fact it is licking what appears to be the man next to him. That is why the dog is not licking Will Smith in the face.

Whose pet dog is Pluto?

In 1930 he played a bloodhound in a cartoon by Disney called "The Chain Gang". Next he played Minnie Mouse's dog in the cartoon called "Picnic." Then he finally became Pluto I think a few years later.

On Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix can you go to Hagrids house?

If you are talking about the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix game then yes, you can. But you can not go inside his house. If you try to open the door Fang, Hagrid's dog, barks at your and the door rattles.

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The first one would never be correct. Use 's to show possession by a singular noun. Ex: if the dog belonged to one girl it would be the girl's dog. Use s' to show possession by plural noun. Ex: if two girls owned the dog it would be the girls' dog. So,"The girl owns the dog." becomes the girl's dog while "The girls own the dog." becomes the girls' dog. SO in your case if a parent bought a dog for their girls and one day comes home and the place is a mess, it was the girls' dog. But if the parent bought one girl a dog and it made a mess then it was the girl's dog. The only time you can have "girls" without the apostrophe would be if "dog" is a verb, which it could be. For example, "In the book about Nancy Drew and her friend, the girls dog the steps of a thief."

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