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2.5 million each

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Q: What does the cast of George Lopez get paid per show?
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What is the name of the George Lopez the show finale?

George. Lopez

What shows did George Lopez star in?

The George Lopez Show, 2002-2007 and Lopez Tonight.

Was george and angie really kissing on the mouth in the show?

George Lopez and Constance Marie played married characters George Lopez and Angie Lopez on "The George Lopez Show." When they kissed, they really were kissing on the mouth.

Was Ashley Greene in George Lopez?

Ashley Greene was not on the George Lopez show.

Is Carmen Lopez George Lopez daughter?

In George Lopez (Not the night show, But the show that goes on Nick N Nite) she is. But in reality she's not

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Was the television show George Lopez really about the actor George Lopez's life?

no siblings

What is the George Lopez show about?

George Lopez is about a family of 4. George. Angie, Carmen And Max. They all do stuff.

What is Carmens real name on George Lopez show?

Carmen's Real Name From George Lopez TV Show IsMasiela Lusha

What is George Lopez's daughters name on the show?

Carmen Consuela Lopez

Is George Lopez really married to angle Lopez?

No, only on the show.

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The theme song for the show "George Lopez" is Low Rider, preformed by War.