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Q: What does super saber cut do in Lego star wars 3?
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What is Dual blade do in Lego Star Wars 3?

A dual bladed light saber is a light saber with a blade coming out on both ends of the light saber, like Darth Maul's in Star Wars Episodes One.

Who owns LEGO Star Wars?

LEGO owns LEGO Star Wars.

What is the largest LEGO set ever?

Lego Star Wars-the Super Star Destroyer I would say. Probably something like that.

What is the difference between Lego Star Wars 3ds and Lego Star Wars ds?

lego star wars for 3ds is based on the clone wars.

What Star Wars Lego games are there for xbox 360?

There have been 3 releases of the Lego Star Wars genre on the Xbox 360; they are Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, and the newest release of Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars.

How cool is Lego Star Wars?

LEGO Star Wars is very cool.

What is the Lego Star Wars address?

Type Lego star wars in Google

How do you pass LEGO city in LEGO Star Wars?

Lego City does not exist in any Lego Star Wars games.

What does the Lego Star Wars trailer do in Lego Star Wars?

It provides a pretty picture.

How do you transfer Lego Star Wars 2 characters to Lego Star Wars?

you cant

How do you get characters from Lego Star Wars in Lego Star Wars III?

unlock them I think

When did Lego Star Wars begin?

LEGO Star Wars began in 1999. This is also the same year in which LEGO Star Wars toy sets were also released.