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Truly, this story is up for many interpretations. It could be that a wife has a cow, as in a baby and the narrator is the husband and they are going through the stressful time of actually preparing for it. It could a story of a wedding where there is a lot of preparation and something goes wrong and the stress. It could possibly be of the wife having a cow because of the special date. There is no definitive answer, however Gertrude Stein wanted to challenge and even threaten the way we perceive fiction, that was the whole point.

Also, there is a much more vivid image that can be taken from the poem. The repeated suggestion of back and forth, in and out, and as a wife has a cow lead to a single logical meaning with some minor rational questioning. what do cows do that a wife could do? Moo. Why would a wife ever Moo? when visualizing a women with the thought of back and forth, in and out and the women making mooing noises, clearly, she is having an Orgasm.

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Q: What does gertrude stein's poem as a wife has a cow a love story mean?
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