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SPD = Speed meaning your speed must match the requirement for the Digimon digivolution

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Q: What does SPD mean for the game Digimon World Dusk?
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What does EX 44444 mean in Digimon World Dusk?

It means how high your digimon's exp is.

In Digimon World Dusk how do you get Wgarurum?

if you mean WereGarurumon you can get him by digivolving Garurumon

What do they mean by BST 700 in Digimon World - dawn?

In this game Digimon are divided into classifications like Insect, Holy, Dark, Dragon, and others. BST is short for Beast. BST 700 means you must get 700 exp points battling Beast Digimon.

How do you get gallantmon crimson mode in Digimon World Dusk?

you DNA digivolve a seraphimon with a gallantmon at a certain level with certain requirments or in digimon dawn you can get 100% scan of gallantmonCM by beating the gaia origin challenge (it's not recommended because it will be very (and i mean "very!!!") weak)

Where is the black Digimon in Digimon Worlds?

If you mean the BlackAgumon in Digimon World DS, he will be waiting for a boss battle at the Training Peak after he meets you for the first time in your farm.

What does 80 fnd mean in Digimon World ds?

80 Friendship experience.

Is there a digimon game that you don't need to download or buy?

There are, in fact, free Digimon games, but I don't know what you mean by don't needing to download. No game is going to reach you by magic, you have to get it somehow and that's usually done by downloading it.

How do you get a magamon in Digimon World Dawn?

If you mean magnamon, go to your digimon pc, select digivolve/degenerate, select armor digivolve, and use the digiegg of miracles of veemon

How do you get Kimeramon?

If you mean by in the game Digimon World 2, then he can be obtainable and he is the strongest digimon to obtain in that game but your chances of seeing him is bleak to none. You can see/capture him on Tera Domain on the 99th floor and you have a 1 in 666 chance of even seeing him on that floor. So far no one on record has obtained or seen him fairly in the game. People use gameshark, emulator's or other forms of cheat devices to obtain him.

How do you become a digidestine?

Believe in Digimon and believe in yourself! Never give up your dreams! See Digimon 02 last episode for example :) Whether or not you can get into the Digi-world doesn' mean much, your Digimon partner Is with you, write about him or draw her and you two will be together. Their are no gates open right now because our Digi-world is safe and protected and doesn't need us to protect it, so please don't be sad, be glad your Digimon partner is safe! All who believe are Digidestined.

How do you capture a Digimon in Digimon battle obt?

you need a digimon dat is higher dan 10 level mean you need a digimon dat is in Rookie State. but you can only capture in-trainin state digimon well i hope it helpyou

How do you get dkwargrowlmon in Digimon world dawn?

if u mean blackwargrowlmon then i did this: i matched a lvl1 digimon with any digimon and get a red digiegg and get 100 dragon exp and hatch it to a gigimon and from that to guilmon to growlmon to blackwargrowlmon