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183. In my area anyway (Dallas).

it all depends on who you have with your cable company

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Q: What channel is FSC on Time Warner?
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What channel is Versus on in Time Warner Cable?

Channel 122 its on channel 63 if you have Time Warner Cable.

What channel is boomerang on Time Warner?

the channel for boomerang is 72 on time warner at lease

Does time -warner have a western channel?

Just curious if time-warner has a encore western channel?

Does time-warner have a western channel?

Just curious if time-warner has a encore western channel?

What channel is on demand on time Warner?

channel 400 : )

What channel in New York City for flix on Time Warner cable?

what channel is flix on time warner cable nyc

What channel is Current TV on at Time Warner cable?

103 or 142 the current TV channel is on different cities. Time Warner Austin Current TV Channel is 341. Contact your local Time Warner provider.

Is ion channel on Time Warner cable so Calif area?

YES! Time Warner Cable has Ion Channel. Regular is channel#30 and in HD it is channel#410

What channel is nbcsn Time Warner cable Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles, Time Warner's NBCSN is on channel 34. In order to determine what number channel each station is on, check out Time Warner's cable network channel listings on their main website.

What channel is NBA TV on Time Warner cable NYC?

what channel number is NBATV on time warner cable

What is the channel for nesn plus on Time Warner?

The channel that NESN is on with Time Warner Cable will vary depending on location. You can access the channel guide on the remote control by pushing the guide button.

What channel is PBR on if you have Time Warner cable?

what station is the pdr on with time warner cable