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In Quidditch, there are two teams that compete against each other wile flying on broomsticks to score goals.

There is the Quaffle-a large red ball which is passed around from player to player and is used to score goals.

There are two bludgers which are used by the two Beaters of each team in order to try and knock players of the opposite teams off of their broomsticks. The bludgers are medium sized black balls that are hard and are "beaten" with a bat in order to send them flying around the field.

There is also a Golden Snitch, a small, winged, golden ball that flies around the Quidditch pitch. The game does not end until the Snitch is caught and the team that catched the Snitch is awarded 150 points.

There are three 'goal-posts' that are high off of the ground, and for every time the quaffle is thrown through the 'hoop' the team that scored is awarded ten points.

Each team consists of two beaters, who control the bludgers; seven Chasers, who try to score goals with the Quaffle; and there is one Seeker who seeks for the golden snitch.

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Q: What are the terms used in Quidditch?
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