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The ranks are:

Normal Rank,

Bronze rank,

Silver Rank,

Gold Rank,

Diamond Rank,

Super Rank,

Ultra Rank,

Hyper Rank,

Master Rank,

Master * Rank,

Master ** Rank,

Master *** Rank,

and Guildmaster Rank.

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Q: What are the ranks in Pokemon Explorers of Sky?
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How do you get higher than master rank on Pokemon explorers of sky?

When you rescue Scizor, he will give you the secret rank. In Explorers of Sky only, this unlocks 4 more ranks above Master Rank.

What are all the places on Pokemon explorers of sky?

i do not have explorers of sky

What the lugia item in Pokemon explorer of sky?

Its not in the explorers of sky

Beat Articuno in Pokemon explorers of sky won't join why?

It may take several attempts to recruit legendary Pokemon in Explorers of Sky.

When does the event for explorers of sky end?

Why are you playing explorers of sky? You should be playing the real Pokemon games.

Arceus is real in explorers of sky?

Yes, Arceus and Shaymin are both featured in Pokemon Explorers of Sky.

Can you change a pokemon's nickname in explorers of sky?


Can you play Pokemon explorers of sky online?


What are some codes for golden seeds in Pokemon Explorers of Sky?

go to www. Pokemon explorers of the sky wonder mail s generator .com

When is Pokemon explorers of the sky coming out in Canada?

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky is set to be released in North America on October 1, 2009.

Can you trade shaymin from Pokemon explorers of the Sky to Pokemon explorers of time?

yeah but you cant keep i permentaly

How do you get arcues on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of sky?

Unfortunately you can get Arceus in Explorers of sky :/ The closest you get to seeing it is a statue...