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I'll assume that you're asking, what are tailwinds? They are winds which are going the same direction that you are. They aide in your travel, usually help increase speed and affect the way an aircraft would handle.

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Q: What are tailwinds?
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What shoe does eminem wear in not afraid?

Nike Tailwinds

What can affect the speed of a runner?

height tailwinds or headwinds.

How do the airlines make up time while in flight?

Tailwinds and less traffic than anticipated

When taxiing with strong quartering tailwinds which aileron positions should be used?

Aileron down on the side from which the wind is blowing

Who is the owner of Jet airways?

naresh goyal is owner of jet airways now .........

Do you fly east or west from los angeles to milan?

Depending on wind patterns, a pilot may be instructed to go either east or west. An airline tends to choose the path with the least dangerous weather, and with favorable tailwinds.

Why do jets fly faster the higher they fly?

Because the higher the altitude, the thinner the air, so the less work is needed by the engines. Sometimes there is also strong tailwinds which will speed it up. Also, this burns less fuel.

Does wind affect velocity?

Yes, wind can affect an object's velocity depending on its direction and strength. Tailwinds can increase velocity, while headwinds can decrease it. Crosswinds can also impact velocity by pushing the object off course.

What winds blow from the west and provide tail winds for planes flying east.?

Jet streams are high-altitude, fast-moving air currents that generally flow from west to east. They can provide tailwinds for planes flying east and help to shorten flight times.

How long is the flight from Berlin to Istanbul?

The flight time is approximately 1 hour, 3 minutes.

Two forces that would change the motion of a bicycle traveling along a road?

Wind resistance: Strong headwinds or tailwinds can alter the bicycle's speed and direction. Friction: Increased friction between the wheels and the road, due to wet conditions or uneven surfaces, can slow down or destabilize the bicycle.

How long will it take to travel 2700 miles by plane?

The time to travel 2700 miles depends on the type of plane. Jet liners typically travel about 500-600 miles per hour, not counting tailwinds. Smaller, single engine planes, usually travel only slightly faster than highway speed.