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Which 1?
South Pacific
The King and I
State Fair
The Sound of Music

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i know they wrote Cinderella; not the Disney one.

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The Sound of Music (1959)

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the sound of music

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Q: What are some rogers and Hammerstein plays?
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Name the team of writers who wrote Oklahoma Carousel South Pacific The King and you and the Sound of Music?

Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein

What actors and actresses appeared in Rogers and Hammerstein - 2012?

The cast of Rogers and Hammerstein - 2012 includes: Duncan Davies as Detective Chaucer Wickersham Benjamin Olson as Eddie Gussonetti Mark Schadler as Detective Richard Rogers Alexis Sultenfuss as Evelyn Hammerstein

Which American composer wrote Oh What a Beautiful Mornin' and You'll Never Walk Alone?

The well-known duo known as Rogers & Hammerstein. Richard Rogers composed the music and Oscar Hammerstein II wrote the lyrics.

Did Rogers and Hammerstein do Mary Poppins?

if they did it wouldn't be rated "G"

What is the name of the tune to Edelweiss?

the tune is edelweiss written by Rogers and Hammerstein.

Where did rogers and hammer-smith write the sound of music?

It's Hammerstein.

Where or When?

a rogers and hammerstein show song a monster hit by Dion and the belmonts in 1960

Who wrote the music for the show Oklahoma?

Richard Rogers wrote the music and Oscar Hammerstein II wrote all of the lyrics and the book(script)

Were two very famous writers of American musicals?

rogers + hammerstein

What musical contained June is busting out all over?

It was the Rogers and Hammerstein musical, 'Carousel (1956).

What are the copyright rules for private showing of Rogers and Hammerstein collection?

A license is only required for public showings.

Who owns the rights for Cinderella Musical Comedy?

If you are referring to the Rogers & Hammerstein version, their estate owns the rights.