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Maybe a broom that can fly using hoverboard techniques?

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does harry potter like luna lovegood

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Q: What are some Harry Potter related Science Fair ideas?
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How did JK Rowling get ideas of Harry Potter?

she based some of it on her life

What are some famous texts and ideas from the Harry Potter books?

There are no famous texts mentioned in the Harry Potter series as it is set in a totally different world. As for the ideas, more information would be required to answer this.

Does Toys R Us carry Harry Potter party supplies?

They should. Harry Potter is a huge movie, popular among kids. You should also try looking for ideas online, I've seen some pretty crafty harry potter ideas done for cents on the dollar.

What are some famous texts and ideas from J.K. Rowling?

Two words. Harry Potter.

Why did they make Percy Jackson such a ripoff of Harry Potter?

They didnt Rick came up with his own ideas and sold the books because of that not because they where such a rip off a harry potter they are hardly alike.

Fifth grade science project ideas?

See related link.

How did J.K. Rowling get ideas about Harry Potter?

She first thought of the idea on a train journey and the characters developed from there :)

What british ideas are expressed in Harry Potter?

hagrids name is British and it means 'nightmare' and the accents the actors have

Where did JK Rowling get her ideas to write the book Harry Potter from?

she was on the train and she thought up the amazing books

Does anyone have any ideas or topic for Physics related science investigatory project?

related-literature of science investigatory project in physics topics

When was Harry Potter invented?

Harry Potter was invented in 1990 when J. K. Rowling was on a delayed train from Manchester to London. She thought about the story for 4 hours straight and wrote her ideas down on a napkin.

Is Harry Potter smart?

He is not stupid, and sometimes he does have good ideas (in the first book, for example), but otherwise nothing special.

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