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He kept the same wife ... Even in The Cosbys ....

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Q: What are facts about bill Cosbys show?
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What are Bill Cosbys accoplishments?

He became an actor ,had his own tv show ,got married ,and had childern.

Who are Bill Cosbys brothers?

g ydf

What is Bill Cosbys mom's name?

bill Cosby was born in philadephia

Did one of Bill Cosbys children die?


What is bill cosbys favorite food?

grape drank

How was Bill Cosbys son killed?

He was killed in a drive by shooting.

Where were Bill Cosbys children raised?

Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA

How old is Bill Cosby's wife?

cosbys wife is 73

What is Bill Cosbys homtown?

He was born and grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What was Bill Cosbys school?

usa martin luther king high

What did bill cosbys mother want him to immitate?

Bill Cosby's mother wanted him to immitate Jerry Lewis.

What were Bill Cosbys special interests?

He was interested in comedy and stand up comedy