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horse meat

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Q: What album is the Osama bin Laden diss for Eminem?
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Did eminem really sang the song Osama bin Laden diss?

Yes he did

Did eminem sing the osama bin laden diss?

yes he did, he just changed his voice using computer software

What does the song air strike mean why does d12 diss eminem?

eminem does not diss d12 in this song, he would never as this is his group....

Why did pacewon diss Eminem?

He was hungry!!!

Who does eminem diss in the warning?

Mariah Carey

In what song did drake diss Eminem?

Drake never dissed Eminem in a song.

Who does Eminem diss in body guard?

Ja Rule

What does eminem not like?

The worst thing Eminem dislikes is when someone diss or talks mess about his daughter.

Why did Lil Wayne diss Eminem?

He technically didnt diss Eminem. He just stated that Eminem doesn't want to show him up (Haha). But since eminem didnt wanna work with him (at the time) Wayne took it bad. And he expressed it without thinking. But now Wayne and Eminem are friends. Personally Eminem is better but Wayne is in the top 5

How did the beef with eminem and vanilla ice start?

It first started in 1999, when Eminem dissed Vanilla Ice on multiple tracks off his debut album, "Slim Shady LP." Vanilla ice started talking against Eminem in interviews later that year. Eminem continued to diss Vanilla Ice, so Ice dissed back on his 2001 album, "Bi-Polar," on the tracks "Exhale" and "Hip-hop rules." They continued to diss eachother until around 2005. At the time, it's unknow whether or not the feud's been settled.

Who made the song Hailie's revenge?

eminem wrote it as a diss to Ja Rule

What eminem songs diss vanilla ice?

Nail in the coffin and Marshall Mathews

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