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  • Fantastic
  • amazing
  • freakish
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Q: What adjectives describe the fantastic four?
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What are some adjectives that describe a fountain?

amazing, spectacular, fantastic

What are some nice adjectives to describe a hill station?

Fantastic Amazing Wonderful Mountains Delightful

What are four adjectives that describe Cleopatra?

Verbs are not describing words, adjectives describe nouns; the word Cleopatra is a noun. Some adjectives that describe Cleopatra are:historicpivotalfemaleGreekEgyptiansuicidalclevercompelling

What are four adjectives that describe Athena?

Wise, Helpful, determind,creative.

What are four adjectives that describe Hades?

Gloomy, hateful, jealous, possesive

Which adjectives can be used to describe Terry Fox?

Terry Fox can describe in alot of adjectives. He is the world's hero. He did not give a way his dreams. He risked his own life and health to help us humans with cancer or disabilaties. He also was fantastic man.

What are adjectives that describe how someone swims?

Swim is a verb, and adjectives can't be used to describe verbs. Adverbs are used to modify verbs or explain how someone does something.Examples:He swims quickly.He swims slowly.He swims quite well.Swim can be a noun, as well.Examples of adjectives to describe swim as a noun:That was a fantastic swim!Let's go for a quick swim.

What are four adjectives to describe a radio?

noisy,loud thats all i can think of

What is the four parts of speech?

It is an adjective. All numbers are adjectives because they describe How.

What are four adjectives that describe Davy Crockett?

Omnivorous, Closeted, Approachable, Piecewise

What are Adjectives for the word Fantasy?


What are the adjectives in some kids have many buddies but I have four good friends?

The adjectives in the sentence are "many," "good," and "four." These words describe the quantity or quality of the buddies and friends in the sentence.