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The cast of Hating Alison Ashley - 2005 includes: Maria Angelico as Sophie Bec Asha as Fantasy Fan Mark Benedicto as Muzza Melena Bennett as Viva Damien Bodie as Damo Frank Bren as Mr. Nicholson Amber Brousek as Amber John Brousek as Robber Lavinia Brousek as Vini Saskia Burmeister as Erica Yurken Jonathan Burton as Chook Alex Capelli as Barry Hollis Rachael Carpani as Valjoy Yurken Richard Carter as Lennie Anthony Cleave as Harley Yurken Leah de Niese as Chrystal Rosie Dwyer as Rosie Sabina Faubel as Sabina Justin Fenech as Justin Katie Fitchett as Margeart Collins John Gadsden as himself Delta Goodrem as Alison Ashley Lucy Gould as Lucy Abigail Gudgeon as Jedda Yurken Tommy Hacker as Homie Annie Humash as Mrs. Adams Amanda Jermyn as Barringa Heights Girl Rachel Jessica Tan as Sarah Mitchell Keogh as Bus Mooner Jean Kittson as Miss Belmont Dawn Klingberg as Miss Anastasia Wallace Ben Kosmina as Homie Tracy Mann as Mum Ashleigh McInnes as Ashleigh Craig McLachlan as Jeff Kennard Babs McMillan as Mrs. Orlando Dylan Mendelson as Homie Stacey Miles as Barringa Heights Girl Fabio Motta as Oscar Holly Myers as Miss Lattimore Christo Newman as himself Sarah Ov as Sara Hayley Pearl as Holly Julia Perri as Marisa Lambert Sappleton as Buzzy Bob James Sorensen as James William Ten Eyck as Mr. Cheale Brooke Tomlinson as Vicky Alex Tsitsopoulos as Homie Jessica Zeltner as Jess

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in Hating Alison Ashley - 2005?
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The duration of Hating Alison Ashley - film - is 1.67 hours.

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Hating Alison Ashley - film - was created on 2005-03-17.

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