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Van Nuys High boasts such famous alumni as:

Marilyn Monroe

Robert Redford

Don Drysdale

Jane Russell

Tom Selleck

Julie Brown

Natalie Wood

Paula Abdul

Stacy Keach

Erika Eleniak

Ed Begley, Jr.

Films and TV shows that used VNHS as location:

Fast Times at Ridgemont High



My Stepmother is an Alien

The Wonder Years

Highway to Heaven

Rock 'n' Roll High School

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James Hetfield attended Downey High School, which is the lead singer of the group "Metallica".

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Katy Perry, Drake, Rihanna, Adam Sandler, and more.

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Brian the foot lives in Downey he is a famous football kicker who never missed a field goal in all his attempts. i think hes the only kicker with a perfect percentage

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Q: What Famous people attended Van Nuys High School?
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