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Andromeda was always mortal; after death she became the constellation Andromeda.

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Q: Was Andromeda turned into a mortal or demigod?
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Who is the child of a god and a mortal?

The term for the offspring of a god & a mortal is a Demigod (if it is more divine) or a Hero (if it is more mortal). In general what seems to decide if they are a demigod or hero seems to be whether they were raised by a god or a mortal. Bacchus is an example of a god Hercules is an example of a demigod.

Was Perseus mortal?


What is a demigod of Poseidon?

A demigod is half mortal and half god, meaning one parent is god and one parent is mortal. a demigod of Poseidon is a demigod with Poseidon as his/her father and a mortal mother. an example of this is Percy Jackson in the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series" By Rick Riordan

Is Odysseus a demigod?

no, odysseus is a mortal.

Was theseus a mortal?

Yes. Logically. He is a demigod, which means he's mortal

Was Andromeda mortal or immortal?

She was mortal, the daughter of a king and his queen.

Did Perseus have powers?

No, Perseus was a mortal. actually Perseus was a demigod (half god and half mortal) his father is Zeus and mother is Danae(a mortal)

How do I tell I'm a demigod?

You are a demigod if one of your parents is a God and the other is a mortal, human being.

What do you call an offspring of a demigod and a mortal?

A demi-human

What is the name of a mortal mixed by a immortal?

A half-blood or demigod

Who was the demigod of the sea?

Any son of Poseidon and a mortal woman is a demigod, as Polyphemus, Orion and Theseus. They did not belong to the sea. God of the sea - yes. Demigod of the sea - no.

Was danae a god or mortal?

Perseus is a demigod, which means that he is have God and half Mortal. That means since Zeus is a god, The Danae has to be a mortal.