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not necessarily you see the other word that means soul reaper is shinigami which also means death god which would lead to think they are the grim reaper but they are sort of angels because once they find you they use a konso and help you transcend into the spirit world

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Q: R the soul reapers like guardian angels or something?
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Do angels hang out with you like ghosts?

There are guardian angels, ghosts are fantasy creatures.

What is the word 'shugo' when translated from Japanese to English?

It means guardian. Therefore, something like Shugo Chara translates to Guardian Chara, or Guardian Character.

Guardian angel of Saturday?

We know that every single human being has a Guardian Angel assigned to them the instant they are conceived. We know the names of two Guardian Angels, Raphael and Gabriel, because they are in the Bible. And we know from private Revelation that God assigns groups of people a special Guardian Angel, as at Fatima, the angel revealed that he was the Guardian Angel of Portugal. Outside of that, I don't know if God assigns angels for things like days of the week.

How aould you use the word angels in a sentence?

The angels flew to heaven. That girl looks like an angel. Angels are beautiful. An angel looks after me. My dog is my guardian angel. Angel's live forever. Do you believe in angels? or any other things :) I had a dream that you were my loving angel

Do the police like the Guardian Angels?

No,not exactly,maybe in a way they are,because they protect people,but the police are just humans,and sometimes they may not be protecting like they should,because they dont see everything,in the other hand guardian angels are send from heaven(god).not by humans that sometimes might be wrong.I believe theres a big difference.

What Showtime series was about grim reapers in Seattle?

Dead Like Me

Who are gods angels?

His angels are very unlike humans. We are loves more than angels. There are an infinite amount of them and they are imperfect. Every one has a guardian angel and I believe you get another for every day you are very sick.

How do guardian angels grant wishes?

Guardian angels are angels assigned to a particular person at that person's birth. Like any angel they are pure spirit in the service of God and are His messengers. They care for their individual charge, watch over them, and pray for them. They can only do what God allows them to do, and can only intervene in our lives with God's permission for our greater good. Obviously, if one were "wishing" for a better spiritual life, a better prayer life, a better Christian life, than the angel assigned to one would be doing his best to help you attain that. If you were just "wishing" for something that would turn out harmful to your eternal salvation then you are obviously not going to get it, much less from your guardian angel.

Does God assign you to a guardian angel?

Ido believe in guardian angels, I've seen my moms, and my brother has seen his, he said that he looked like an ordinary young boy. He often played with him when he was very little. He said that he could see him plain as day. Once, a pastor came to our house and looked out all of the windows, he gasped and said "You have angels all around your house..." I know it may not help telling you this, but I just want you to know that they are me.Yes there is always an angel out there just for you just gotta wait and see and believe. it may not even be an angelAnswerNo verifiable, replicable proofs, therefore I don't. see related question,Do people still believe in devils unicorns dragons and satyrs all mentioned in the Bible There are always skeptics, such as Doubting Thomas, who Christ convinced, by the wayThere are angels, and there are demons, who are angels that have sinned. There are also guardian angels as all Christians have at least one or maybe they share angels, who knows, but God. See comments in discussion. I believe in angels. I think I have one, but I'm not sure. But i do believe in them^^

What words mean the same as ology?

study of something like angelology means you study angels

Why don't ark angels have wings?

to answer your question, i would ask a professor in arts or something. Ark Angels aren't real they are just like unicorns! Ark angels are just another vesion or species of Angels and no one said they ALL have to have wings just like not all frogs have to be green

What are Guardian Angels?

Guardian Angels are angels responsible for the protection and teaching of an individual. This is one of the many ideas that has come into Judaeo-Christian teaching from the Iranian religion Zoroastrianism. The concept is stronger in non-protestant Christian churches and reflects their greater reliance on pagan tradition. The Iranian influence continues to be evident in Jewish writings from what is known as the "inter-testamental" period, that is, after the last canonical book of the Old Testament and before Christianity and the composition of the New Testament. This covers an era between about 150 BCE to 100 CE. These Jewish inter-testamental writings describe a complicated hierarchy of angelic beings, in an echo of the Zoroastrian concept of the holy court of the Yazatas.The Jewish idea of seven chief archangels probably has its inspiration in the seven Amesha Spentas, the highest guardian spirits of Zoroastrian belief. Jews had their own ideas of angels long before they encountered Zoroastrianism; angels were nameless, impersonal representatives of God's message and action. But after the Exile, Jewish angels gain names and personalities, and also are spoken of as guardians of various natural phenomena, just like the Zoroastrian yazatas.The Jewish and Christian idea of a personal "guardian angel" may also have been inspired by the Zoroastrian figure of the fravashi, the divine guardian-spirit of each individual human being. The above is a quote from the site linked below. It has an extensive discussion on the Zoroastrian influence upon Judaism and Christianity.Another answer from our community:A Guardian Angel is a certain type of angel, Their are many types of Angels but a Guardian Angel is just one of the many! Their main job is to watch over you 24/7 and everyone has their own!ANOTHER ANSWER:Nowhere in the Bible is the term "guardian angel." The Bible does refer to angels as "ministering spirits," however, from which the term guardian angel may have derived, since most folks tend to think in physical terms, even regarding spiritual things."...angels... Are they not ALL MINISTERING SPIRITS, sent forth to minister FOR THEM WHO SHALL HE HEIRS OF SALVATION?" (Heb.1:13-14 KJV)According to Scripture, the Word of God was "inspired" by God... and delivered to the inspired ones by His "ministering spirits." And all who profess God's Word are obliged to read and heed the message provided therein; as the context of the end of Hebrews 1st chapter [above] continues in the 2nd:"So we must listen very carefully to the Truth we have heard, or we may drift away from it. The Message God delivered through angels [God's ministering spirits] has always proved True, and the people were punished for every violation of the Law and every act of disobedience. What makes us think that we can escape if we are indifferent to this great Salvation that was announced by the LORD Jesus Himself? It was passed on to us by those who heard Him speak, and God verified the Message by signs and wonders and various miracles and by giving gifts of the Holy Spirit whenever He chose to do so. AND FURTHERMORE, the FUTURE WORLD WE ARE TALKING ABOUT WILL NOT BE CONTROLLED BY ANGELS..." (Heb.2:1-5 NLTNew Living Translation)God's ministering spirits [if we want to call them "guardian angels?" - sobeit. Just know that the term was never inspired as such] are actively at work in the spirits of those God has chosen for Salvation, opening their minds and hearts to the mind-blowing Hope and reality of His Truth, recorded in the Bible.But also know that this world in which we live [and not the world to come - see the Scripture above] is presently inhabited by "the angels that sinned" [II Peter 2:4] that pose as the legitimate "ministering spirits" of God; leading men astray from God's Truth [perhaps even passing themselves off as things that God never inspired like "guardian" angels?]"For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And not marvel; FOR SATAN HIMSELF IS TRANSFORMED INTO AN ANGEL OF LIGHT. Therefore it is no great thing if HIS MINISTERS also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works." (II Cor.11:13-15 KJV)Angels exist. Ministering spirits exist, according to the Truth of God's Word. But the term "guardian angels" was neither coined nor inspired by God in the Bible.