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all TMs and HMs action repllay code hope i helped :)

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Q: How to get flash in action replay for soul silver?
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Is there Action Replay for soul silver?

Yes, there are several Action Replay codes for Soul Silver.

How do you get soul silver on your action replay?


What is Kyogre action replay code for soul silver?

No answer.

How do you replay the Arceus event in Pokemon soul silver?

You can replay the arceus event with action replay.

How do you key in soul silver cheats into the Nintendo DS?

You have to have an action replay or an action replay dsi, or a gameshark.

What is a Action Replay code for a soul silver Kyogre?

no action replay code can make kyogre appear

Where do you get 1000 rear candies in soul silver?

get a action replay

How do you get arceus with action replay in soul silver?

Pokemon modifier

How do you get to the extra islands on soul silver?

you need the action replay

Where can you find mew in soul silver?

only action replay

How do you get more master balls on soul silver?

action replay

What is action replay id for soul silver?