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1 mill

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Q: How much money did rosie huntington-whiteley make for transformers?
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Do they make Mikaela die in transformers 3?

sam started loving Carly who is rosie huntington

Did transformers or twilight make more money?

i guess transformes made more money

How much money did Megan Fox make from Transformers?

nearly $1.1 million for one movie

Will they make a transformers 4?

Micheal Bay said he is done with the Transformers series and so is Shia Lebouf. But if it makes money, there will surely be more.

Is transformers true?

Weather or not alein transformers are real I will leave up to you.. But scientisct are trying to make a car that can transform

Were did the make transformers movie?

I know that they made Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen in Egypt and in Washington DC.

When will they start to make transformers 3?

Transformers three is set to be realsed 7-1-11

Is transformers the ride coming to the UK?

For the meantime, it will remain in Universal Studios Singapore and maybe in the near future if they make an acceptable (or unacceptable) amount of money then they will branch out.

How do you make transformers on alchemy?

steel + metal

Will they make a transformers 5?

no if you ask this you are fat

Are they going to make a fourth transformers?

I hope!

Do they still make transformers toys and are they redone for the new transformers movies?

Transformers are still being produced, and there are specific toys made for the movies. There is a line of transformers being made for the upcoming Dark of the Moon movie.