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about 225 pounds 6 times (not his max)

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Torey Greenfelder

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2y ago
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Q: How much can Cristiano Ronaldo bench?
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Is Cristiano Ronaldo dead?

no. He is presently on the bench because he hurt his foot.

How much did ronaldo's get paid in real madrid?

cristiano ronaldo

Is Cristiano Ronaldo's real name Cristiano Ronaldo?

his mum wanted it to be cristiano but his mother sister said she wanted it ronaldo so thats how it became ronaldo's name

How strong is Cristiano Ronaldo?

1.Ronaldo's pace control rips apart defense's. 2.Heading is superior than almost every single footballer. 3.Right footed Ronaldo's left foot is also powerful yet precise. 4.Dribbling ability helps him with defender's one on one. 5.Free Kicks are the best in the world. 6.Presence itself is a morale lifter. 7.Known for being selfish,Ronaldo's assists are all beautiful. 8.Physically he is very strong,and does 3000+ sit up's to maintain his athletic figure. 9.The fastest footballer on the planet for almost 4 years now. 10.The complete athlete,speed,power,strength,control,heading,passes,Ronaldo has it all. 11.Completely worth $132 Million.Superb form with Manchester United resulted in a transfer to Real Madrid in Spain and has been scoring consistently,and is the club's top scorer this season. 12.The total footballer=CR7 13.Call him arrogant,selfish,uncaring but he cannot be ignored.

How much does Cristiano Ronaldo get pain a week in Scotland?

£122,400 a week. Would be increased if the record 80 million GBP deal works out before 30th June 2009.

Who is better Cristiano Ronaldo or Barry?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Does Cristiano ronaldo have beard?

No, Cristiano Ronaldo does not have a beard.