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Once! He's been married to Debbie Lee Furness for 17yrs.

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Q: How many times has Hugh jackman been married?
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Is Hugh Jackman Jewish?

(no Hugh jackman is not a Jew he is astralian) What a stupid answer! Can Australians not be Jewish? The correct answer would have been: "no, he is not. He is a Christian."

How many movies has Hugh Jackman been in?


Is Hugh Jackman gay?

NO.he's not he's married and he got childrenNeither, He's straight. been married to Deborra Lee Furness since 1996, and according to all known sources they're very happily married

What monster hunter has been played by both Anthony Hopkins and Hugh Jackman?

Van Helsing

What is Hugh jackman's favourite food?

shushi He has been quoted as saying that his favorite comfort food is sushi.

How many times has Hugh Hefner been married?

Twice and he is to be married again (magic number 3) in June of 2011.

Is Hugh jackman a Christian?

Following his father's conversion to the Christian faith after being touched by American evangelist Billy Graham, Hugh Jackman said. Hugh Jackman is frank about having been a dedicated Christian. In fact, it was while watching a preacher perform at an evangelical crusade that he first had the idea of going on stage. "I don't think I wanted to be an evangelist, but maybe I did at the time."

Has Hugh grant ever been married?

no, he has never been married

Did Hugh Jackman win an Oscar for a song in a film?

No. The Australian actor has never been nominated for an Academy Award.

How many times has Hugh Hefner been married and what are their names?

Hugh Hefner has been married twice and is currently engaged. He married Mildred Williams in 1949, Kimberly Conrad 1989, and is currently engaged to 24 year old Crystal Harris. Hef is 60 years older than her.

What movies has Halle Berry been naked in?

The first movie Halle Berry appeared topless was "Swordfish" with John Travolta and Hugh Jackman. In her scene, she was tanning when Jackman was talking to her, then lowered her tanning device to reveal her naked chest.

Are Hugh Laurie and Jo Green married?

yes. they've been married since 1989.

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