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Q: How many foreigners visit Disney World each year?
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How many people visit Disney World in Orlando each day?

About 620,000

How many guests visit Walt Disney World annually?

Anywhere from 19 to 20 million visitors each year.

How many people visit Epcot center each year?

The Epcot Center is a popular attraction at Walt Disney World. It is visited by 10,825,000 people each year.

How many people visit Cristo Redentor Brazil every year?

Currently, about 5 million foreigners visit Brazil each year.

Where is the most visited place in the world?

The most visited place on earth is Walt Disney World Resort located in Orlando, Florida in the United States. Over a billion visitors visit each year worldwide to explore the wonder and imagination in Disney

How many people visit Disneyworld a year?

Walt Disney World has an annual attendance of over 47 million people.On the Travel Channel it said Disney World receives 30 million guests each year and especially more around holidays

Will i go to Disney World when me and ms o' donnel get married?

yes we will go to Disney world with each other.

How popular is Disneyland?

Disney Land and Disney World are the most popular Theme parks in the world with millions of visitors each year.

How much garbage does Disney World produces per day?

About 120,000 pounds of garbage are produced each day at Disney World.

Does Disney World have the most anything?

It has the most visitors each year, more than the other disney lands!

How much energy is used by Disney World each year?


How many people visit the Disney theme parks each year?

The Themed Entertainment Association's 2008 attendance report showed 118 million visitors to the eleven Disney theme parks.