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Joe DiMaggio played on nine World Series winning New York Yankee teams (36-39, 41, 47, 49-51). The Yankees lost to St. Louis in the 1942 World Series, the only DiMaggio team to lose a World Series. DiMaggio's World Series stats weren't quite up to his regular season performances. He hit only .273 in 51 World Series games with 8 HRs and 30 RBIs.

But Since the question asks how many rings Joe DiMaggio has, the answer gets a bit complicated, eight of his nine rings were stolen in the 1960's from his Lexington Hotel room, the only remaining ring was his 1936 rookie year World Series ring. However, at Mr. DiMaggio's final appearance (September 1998) at Yankee Stadium, George Steinbrenner presented Joltin' Joe with 8 exact replicas of his missing rings.

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Q: How many World Series rings does Joe DiMaggio have?
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